Rekrutacja: „Solidarity Activist Camp” na Litwie

Nie zgadzasz się na nienawiść? Chciał(a)byś się zaangażować w aktywizm, ale nie wiesz jak? Chciał(a)byś poznać podobnych do Ciebie ludzi z różnych państw europejskich? Jeżeli tak, to weź udział w szkoleniu dla aktywistek/tów na Litwie!

International Youth Exchange: ‘SOLIDARITY ACTIVIST CAMP’
Lithuania October 11–20, 2016

From 11th to 20th October 2016 a training of young future activists from different European countries will be held in Lithuania. It is aimed at young people at the age of 18–25 years  with no or little experience with activism. [Update:] Recruitment closed.

The main objectives of the ‚Solidarity Activist Camp’ are:

  • Mobilizing youth activists and challenging racism, religious intolerance and islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, disablism and all forms of intolerance;
  • Presenting a counter narrative that fights the prevalence and tacit acceptance of hate speech in all its forms – ensuring that no minority group is left out even when conflict arises between minority groups such as differences based on religion, sexual orientation, membership of particular ethnic groups, etc.
  • Looking at ‚how we can build solidarity across all marginalized groups in our youth activists work’.

Some of the activities will be carried out by the participants with the assistance of group leaders. If needed, a preparatory meeting before the training is will take place in Poland before the main training. The latter will be held in the Lithuanian countryside with a possibility of  a one-day free program.  For Polish participants the travel expenses will be reimbursed up to 100 percent or 80 Euros.

The project is organized by the Irish youth training organization ‘Eurobug’ in partnership with five other national organizations under the auspices of the No Hate Speech Movement project of the Council of Europe. For the Polish part the Young Journalists’ Association ‘POLIS’ is responsible.

Apply now:…/1FAIpQLSehVa0LtHFf4OIHT-…/viewform

For more information see the Info Pack.


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